Fresh, made to order, mix and match toppings, or choose on of Big Dick's  specialty pies. 

Our Specialties


Belly up to Big Dick's bar and enjoy an ice cold beer, frozen cocktail or

"Shoot the Minnow!"  


Featuring Big Dick's Taco Salad, the Antipasto Salad, the Beachcomber, and others sure to please!


Hand pattied from fresh ground chuck, Big Dick's burgers are a local favorite!

The Legend of Big Dick's

    Almost 35 years ago now, a fella by the name of "Dick" started a small bait shop right on this here spot.  A year later it became a grocery, and finally a few burgers and beers were added to the joint. Well, the little bait shop was all grown up and in need of a fitting name.

As rumor had it "Dick" was somewhat of a big guy and folks round these parts called him "Big Dick".  Before you knew it "Big Dick" became quite the popular chap.  Everyone wanted to visit with "Big Dick", but with being a little outta the way, here in the Ozarks, they weren't exactly sure where to find him.  Well folks would tell them "Big Dick" was about "halfway" between the Truman and Bagnell Dams.  And now ya know how "Big Dick's Halfway Inn" came to be.

Minnow Shooting-   A Popular Summer Sport!

At Big Dick's, where minnow shooting originally started, you'll find someone partaking in the popular sport most any day.  This is the exciting and sometimes crazy antic of swallowing live minnows while you're cheered on by fans of all ages.  Youngsters and oldsters alike take part in this amusing merriment! It's not unusual to hear screams of excitement coming from any corner of the establishment.  So while at Big Dick's watch for these crazy sportsmen.  Who knows, you may be the next shooter!

Home of the Original Minnow Shot!